Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Ordering

How long does it take for an order to ship?
Please allow 2-3 business days for order processing and 2-3 days of transit for standard shipping.
Where can I find your products in my area?
If you are interested in visting a store and purchasing one of our products, you can head to our Find A Store page and see which store is closest to you.


What is raw honey?
Raw honey is not heated, processed, or filtered. Raw honey is unique as its floral source this is why colors vary throughout the year.
Honeyton Farms vs. supermarket honey – so what’s the difference?
The honey you buy at the supermarket is a blend of honey from many different countries and floral origins. It’s impossible for you to know exactly where it came from. What we do know is that it is processed, heated, filtered, and treated so that it has that familiar color and translucence that we have mistakenly come to know as “honey.” that’s not real honey. Real honey is raw honey. It comes in many colors, textures and opacities. Each honey is as unique as its floral source.
How should I store my honey?
Store your honey at room temperature. Even after opening, you do not need to refrigerate the honey.
Why does the color of my honey look different than the picture on the website?
Raw honey, like fine wine or pure olive oil, differs slightly from harvest to harvest, and from hive to hive. Colors and textures of each varietal will not be exactly the same for every jar. Also, raw honey crystalizes over time; some honeys crystalize faster than others. The color and opacity of the honey will very greatly depending on when in the crystallization process the photo was taken. If the honey looks clear in the photo, but cloudy or solid on the shelf, that is perfectly fine – it’s just nature taking its course.
When honey gets crystallized, does that mean its “bad”?
NO. Honey does not go bad. Most honey will crystallize over time, meaning you can’t see through it anymore, and it becomes less liquid and more solid. This is a natural process for honey, and will happen sooner in some than in others. THIS IS A GOOD THING. It means the honey you bought is raw and of the finest quality. Processed honey takes forever to crystallize, because the pollen – and flavor – have been stripped out.


What is Colony Collapse Disorder?
CCD is a global crisis that has resulted in bee mortality rates of 33% over the last five years. The exact cause of CCD is unknown, causes are thought to include: pesticides, parasites, and malnutrition.

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