Raw Arkansas Honey

We harvest Arkansas' greatest raw honey from our hives in Central Arkansas
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Arkansas Honey


Swarm Removal

Swarms are the method by which honey bee colonies reproduce. Honeyton Farms is able remove these homeless bees and give them a new home.

Arkansas Honey

Honeyton Farms wildflower honey is gathered from hives located in Central Arkansas. Our bees forage on the wildflowers found in the area to create delicious honey.

Beeswax Products

We make it our priority to not let a single material from the hive go to waste. Honeyton Farms uses beeswax capping left over from the honey harvest, to create unique and natural products.

Why Honeyton Farms

Honeyton Farms, located in Cabot, AR, was established in 2012 by two hobby beekeepers who created their apiary by rescuing local swarms of bees from trees, homes, and any places the bees faced extermination. That tradition of locally rescuing honeybees and giving them a home in which to thrive is something we are still very passionate about at our farm.

We are bee whisperers and honey harvesters who believe in the craft of bee keeping. Our mission is to create pure and natural products made directly from the incredible innate gifts that honeybees provide for us. Our honeybees forage consists of nectar and pollen from the blooming plants in Central Arkansas. Because we value the integral role that bees play in our environment, everything we do at Honeyton Farms is invested into supporting the honeybees.

When you purchase Honeyton Farms products, you are playing your part in helping support the honeybees. We feel it is our responsibility to educate others about the value of the honeybee and to dedicate ourselves to restoring the bee population in central Arkansas.

100% RAW

Our honey is always pure and never processed.


Preserving all the natural vitamins, enzymes and other nutritional elements.


Our honey is never ultra- filtered, still containing pollen found in the area.


We can gather a swarm without harming the bees and introduce the bees into a hive to give them a safe home.

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