April 18, 2017

Our Customers Love our Honey

Reviews and Testimonials from our loyal customers

If this doesn’t prove we have the best honey around, we’re not sure anything will.

I dealt directly with the owner who was very polite and accommodating. The honey itself was WONDERFUL. Filtered well and is making huge appearances all over the city. It seems to be getting easier to come by. The owner is an avid bee lover and advocate. He does wonderful things for our county and the bee population in it.????????

Temarra F April 18, 2017

The taste is amazing and each batch has a slightly different taste. I have bought several jars and use it all the time. I sweeten my teas, I make lemon, honey and vinegar water, I have used it on my pancakes, biscuits, and just eaten a spoonful by itself. Steve is such a great guy for saving bees and he has saved some from my son's yard. I order online and pick up, which is convenient for me. I tell everyone about his honey when we talk about healthy eating or natural remedies. Honey, especially local raw honey, is good for so many things. It helps with my asthma and allergies. I will never buy any other honey. Honeyton Farm honey is the only honey I will ever buy.

Dianna G April 18, 2017

It's 100 times better than any store bought honey. The staff is extremely friendly. I buy close to a gallon a year and give it as gift everyone has loved it.

CSK Bowhunter April 18, 2017

Honeyton Farms works hard to keep the bee population working and healthy. They provide service to rescue bees and teach classes to anyone interested in beekeeping. We are very thankful for their service and honey.

Birdie L April 18, 2017

I love the fact that they are helping save the bees. The prices are more than fair. Thank you for the great work and keep it up.

Brian E April 18, 2017

My kids have allergies, so we love getting honey from a responsible harvester who cares about the end product, but cares equally about the health of the bees.

Victoria B April 18, 2017

100% pure. It tastes yummy.
Completely satisfied. I could sense this honey is just filtered to cleanse but not pasteurized.
Good job guys for pure honey and for not harming the bees. Salute.
Worth to buy in bulk as pure honey never perish.

Sriram April 18, 2017

I’ve been looking forward to this season’s jar of honey and it exceeded my expectations! This honey has the best flavor!

Heather P April 18, 2017

The floral undertones in the aftertaste of the honey are amazing! That floral aftertaste reminds me of honeysuckle and or orange blossoms. Does not hold a candles to the local honey in Lawton Oklahoma which is where we are from. I know because I bought some from our local farmers market. It Did not have that amazing floral aftertaste. Store bought is not as good either. Made some amazing cookies from your honey! My husband met one of the beekeeper while training for work in Dallas Texas. Thank you for letting him know about your honey! We will be ordering from you from now on!

Blanca C April 18, 2017

Had to try the new Valentine varieties! This is the best natural soap I have ever used. It is non-drying with exceptionally creamy lather. The scents are amazingly fresh and unique. I gave some bars as Christmas presents and everyone was crazy for them. Dig those great names! I understand this is a family enterprise and all are involved with some aspect of production. Truly excellent products.
Oh, and the raw honey is fantastic too.

Becky Q April 18, 2017

I LOVE the smell & texture & can’t wait to try them all!

Lisa S April 18, 2017

They are not messy like bottled lotion that has to be squirted. They can be kept in a bag without worry because they do not spill.

Karen M April 18, 2017